The Jungmoon Tourist Resort Complex ICC JEJU is located at the Jungmun Resort Complex where all tour-related infrastructures and amenities are ready for conference participants to assure both comfort and convenience. The Jungmun Tourist Complex is a comprehensive tourist resort providing top-quality accommodations and tourist facilities. There are many grand hotels, interesting sites to visit, leisure sport facilities, recreational and dining venues.
Accessibility The ICC Jeju is a 40 minute drive from Jeju International Airport. The airport limousine buses run every 15 minutes. Various grades of accommodations are located within a 5~20 minute bus ride distance from the ICC Jeju. Free shuttle buses will operate between the ICC Jeju and designated accommodations for the convenience of participants during the symposium.
Booyoung Hotel and 5 Star Hotels Booyoung hotel (5 stars, opening in 2015) connects with ICC Jeju through an underground arcade. Other 5-star hotels often visited by celebrity guests from abroad such as the Shilla hotel, Lotte Hotel, and Hyatt Regency Hotel are within a five-minute drive away from the conference site.